Photoshoots don’t always go as planned. While the photographer might be highly skilled in the trade, this doesn’t always mean they’ll be able to get an exceptional shot, particularly when there’s a large group of people involved. Adults can also behave like children at times, moving around, not paying attention, cracking up in the back, or making silly faces. But sometimes, all this chaotic madness leads to hilariously weird poses that end up looking confusing as heck. Some of these will make you seriously look twice. You'll be left wondering, "just how the heck did they pull these off?"

#1. No, you’ve got to look twice…this isn’t what you think it is.

The sash isn’t going around both women, and no, they’re not Siamese twins joined by the hip. It’s just a very unfortunate angle that ended up being hilarious.

#2. No, that's not Pinocchio's sister, going for a romantic kiss with her S.O.

It's just a case of bad lightning and a quirky angle that gave this chick a reverse nose job.

#3. They say that two heads are better than one, but imagine how hard it must be to drive around like this?

But, these two aren't conjoined twin bikers. It's just another case of perspective playing tricks on us.

#4. If you're a major crazy cat lady (or gentleman!) you won't find this photo of Catzilla intimidating whatsoever.

Too bad this kitty is just fooling around on top of the windshield. Otherwise our wildest cat dreams would've come true!

#5. Is that the longest arm on Earth or what?

Look, perhaps, this is just an illusion and she was about to put something in her back pocket. But maybe he was just looking to "reach out" to her…pun intended.

#6. Why would anyone create a lava sculpture and put it in the middle of the sidewaaaalk…oooohhh!

Just stare at this shot for a few seconds, go ahead. Did you figure out what's going on? Nope? Keep trying. Can't be bothered? The lava lamp is made out of chalk!

#7. You're not looking at an aerial shot of New York, believe it or not.

But you are staring at what seems to be a miniature city made out of staples. One might even say that these buildings are very staple.

#8. This girl needs to take a few posing classes or watch "America's Next Top Model."

Tyra Banks would have her butt on a plate after shrinking her torso in a way that made it seem like her legs started right at her stomach. Girl, no.

#9. This buff hunk's got a foot instead of a hand, but judging by the smile on that girl's face, she's totally okay with it.

Well, maybe she doesn't mind because this is all trickery and a really bad perspective. But hey, even if he did have a foot for a hand, he'd be able to kick our butts anyway.

#10. That cloud looks like a wolf is howling, but it could also be a baby deer staring at the left.

While the perspective isn't confusing, the shape might be. This shot kind of remind us of the Dress challenge, which was definitely white and gold…or was it blue and black?

#11. They don't play around in Finland when they appoint someone to be the president.

Not only do they vote for someone who's educated and might be able to run an entire country but apparently, they must also be capable of levitating vases.

#12. This 2D building someone found in Amsterdam looks like a front.

This weird angle sort of makes it seem like this building is a fake Hollywood set where actors pretend to be getting inside the "building" but you know it's most likely plywood or Styrofoam.

#13. Perhaps someone shouldn't have shaken their beer can before opening it!

Sadly, this isn't a powerful can of beer that's exploding all over. It's just a confusing shot taken at Roger's Park, on the far north side of Chicago.

#14. Fishnets make your legs look bomb, but when it's a million degrees outside, you have to go bare.

But with a little help from the sun, you might get the look you were going for after all. Thanks, baby!

#15. You need to stare at this picture for more than a few seconds to understand what's going on.

Did you find the child's head already? No? Keep looking!

#16. Awww, what a happy little monkey! Or is it a happy little cat?

Who's getting total Nickelodeon's "CatDog" vibes with this confusing photo? We know we are!

#17. When you're a teacher, you're pretty used to students doing what they want. Or at least trying to.

While this isn't really a confusing perspective, but a weird one, this teacher seems to have eyes in the back and is already shaking her head in disbelief. Pay attention, Matthew! Seriously.

#18. No, these are not bonsai brontosauruses, but they could've easily fooled us.

It's just a bunch of coatis running around a huge building. Bummer!

#19. We've been fooled! Pigeons don't just fly around the city!

Apparently, they rely on their own set of wheels just like the rest of us!

#20. Now, hold your horses. Before you start clutching your pearls in disbelief, take another look.

Phew! Aren't you glad to know that what you're staring at is simply that little girl's mother's knee? We sure are.

#21. Golden Retrievers are a beautiful breed, not only are they great companions, but they have the nicest legs in the world.

And with legs like that, we're kind of wondering why there aren't more Golden Retrievers on the runway!

#22. This Redditor woke up next to his wife with a strange case of baby legs.

Poor thing must have a hard time outrunning her hubby!

#23. If you ever go to Italy, make sure to think outside the box when posing next to the Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

While your friend or family member's holding onto the tower, make sure someone else is holding onto them. Avoid being a cliche at all cost!

#24. This pup seems to be enjoying his "doggles," or is he?

For some reason, this doggy found comfort underneath a car, and ended up looking like he had a nice pair of goggles on his eyes.

#25. This shot may or may not be Photoshopped, but it's impressive nonetheless.

How the heck did he manage to patiently wait there for hours until he was able to snap the perfect photo? We would've gone insane.

#26. This maternity photo is a total flop for some, but for us, is a total win!

While we're 99.99999% sure that this photo wasn't an accident, (hello!) these two deserve the funnest parent award, for sure!

#27. Someone should check the radiation at this doggy's house.

Daisy's got an extra pair of ears she really shouldn't have. Wow.

#28. The guy's a total hunk, but if you stare closely at his arm, you'll notice something odd.

Dad has grown up to become one attractive man, but apparently, he's still got a baby arm that's pretty much useless.

#29. This guy's just fallen into pieces!

It kind of looks like a magician act gone wrong, where they simply forgot to reattach him. Poor dude.

#30. Someone didn't take notes at modelling school.

You're supposed to elongate your body, not make it seem like you're missing your entire torso, kitty cat!

#31. This gigantic man is stomping all over, scaring all these poor beachgoers.

But it's the slack line he's standing on what really makes the shot work.

#32. Sometimes, we lose our heads over the silliest of things.

Other times, it due to forceful perspective, and perhaps, someone staring at the phone on their lap.

#33. We wouldn't be surprised if this animal actually existed.

But this weirdass perspective kind of makes it seem like there's a swan coming out of another swan. Swanception? Is that reference too old now? No?

#34. Now you know how those badass basketball players get to catch the ball mid-air.

They have arms that are sooooo long, they'd reach the floor if they sneezed too hard. Wowzers!

#35. Africa is a beautiful continent, but if you ever decide to visit, don't expect to see this on a Safari tour.

You'll get to witness the most beautiful creatures in the world feeding themselves, or taking a nap. But sadly, you won't see any giraffes munching on an airplane. Too bad this is just a confusing angle!


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