Do you ever feel like telling someone where to stick it, but you feel like a direct approach would lead to a physical fight? Well then, you'll totally relate to these people, who chose a totally different approach. In lieu of an all-out brawl, they decided to try writing a passive aggressive note instead. Now you might say that living among people is a bit like a social experiment because the longer we spend time with each other and interact, the more we seem to annoy each other. Many of us look for ways to retaliate that won't involve ending up behind bars. So here are some rather mean passive aggressive notes that allowed people to give those that annoyed them a piece of their mind.

#1. Wi-Fi network names are often cool and unique, while other times they're a venue to a war.

It's kind of cool that they used their network name to let their neighbor know that they don't like their taste of music, but maybe they should consider having someone proofread their grammar. Otherwise, they're just giving their neighbor some serious ammo.

#2. If you have to go passive aggressive, then do it with a little musical flare that plays ode to a classic.

Looks like this note writer was channeling the band, The Police, and their song "Every Breath You Take." But of all the notes we've seen so far, this one's the nicest way of telling someone they should be a little lighter on their feet.

#3. When your neighbors are sick and tired of getting a sneak peek at your naked body and you get this.

Now that's one embarrassing passive aggressive note. Looks like it's time to go out and buy some curtains. Clearly, this whole exhibitionist gig in the bathroom isn't making your neighbors very happy.

#4. No good deed ever goes unpunished is what this note writer realized when they tried being nice.

It looks like the days of them being neighborly are over. Maybe next time, these neighbors should consider opening the freaking door and try being a little more grateful. But for now, it's too late. They have an enemy in the hood!

#5. Is it wrong of us to say that this one is funny, even though it involves the future perishment of a dog?

It all comes down to how much you love your dog. If you value their life you'll definitely stop letting it poop in your neighbor's yard. Sure, they might be bluffing with the death threat, but you can never be too sure.

#6. The moment you realize that your entire neighborhood seems to be dandelion haters.

If they really wanted to be this passive-aggressive, the very least they could have done is bought you a lawnmower to take care of those dandelions. To think that people go insane over something so harmless!

#7. If you ever need to let the younger generation feel guilty, have the older generation handle that.

Okay! So you're practically cancelling one of the most important celebrations in US history because the younger generation isn't willing to pick up your slack? Okay, fine. They'll do it, but they won't be happy about it.

#8. The downside to living in an apartment complex is that you often have to put up with other people.

Looks like this neighbor has some pent-up feelings about their neighbor, or maybe it's just sleep deprivation. But boy did he let them have it in this note. Did they have to be so mean about it?

#9. If you mess with someone's rinse cycle, then you better be willing to pay the consequences.

You have to be cold as ice to do this to someone at the laundromat or the apartment's laundry room. Unfortunately, your clothes are now cold too. Don't tick off someone who knows where you live… or else.

#10. Some passive aggressive notes can give you a glimpse into your potentially grim future.

This one's full of warnings of an apocalyptic future that allegedly began because you and those like you have refused to clean up after themselves. You could have just asked!

#11. If you ever needed a good reason to put a password on your Wi-Fi printer, then this is definitely it.

Not only did they hack into their printer, but they also left them without any ink, because they printed a full-color photo. If that wasn't bad enough, now they want to dictate how loud you and your significant other can be in the bedroom.


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